Leif Eriksson establishes base camp

by Vi Donche on Jul 12

1000 AD.

VINLAND - An expedition led by Leif Eriksson has set up camp in a new colony it's calling Vinland [anywhere from Florida to Labrador].

The land gets its name from the abundance of grapes and vines. 

The eldest son of the legendary Eirikr Thorvaldsson (Erik the Red), Eriksson and a 35-man crew left Greenland to search for land trader Bjarni Herjolfsson, sighted in 986 when he was sailing from Iceland to Greenland and a storm blew his ship off course in the Atlantic Ocean. When Eriksson and crew reached Vinland, they decided to build homes and spend the winter. After the houses were built, Eriksson split his forces in two - half to explore the area and half to stay in camp.

Eriksson and his men have noticed many things about Vinland. Huge salmon swim i its rivers and lakers, there is no frost in winter, and day and night are more equal length than in Iceland.